Doctor Ben Fletcher has just been commissioned by the trade secretary’s office to undertake research on a government sponsored project in Indonesia. The purpose of this project is to boost trade between Indonesia and the UK for the benefit of both economies. Doctor Fletcher’s job is to report on the environmental sustainability of this project. He will be focusing on the rain forest acreage where a UK businessman has acquired a logging concession.

Across the pond in the United States, Linda Smith, founder of Direct Action for Earth (DAE), is planning a similar itinerary. The two adversaries will meet on Indonesian soil, one protecting business interests, the other protecting the rights of humans and all other creatures that dwell in the rain forest. Ben and Linda share the same conservationist goals, but their methods are vastly different.

Blind Eye is a thriller set in the rain forests of Indonesia. What starts out as a routine task for Ben is complicated by events out of his control. Ben selects his team and heads out to Indonesia only to have an extra team member forced on him by the Indonesian government. Soon after, he butts heads with Linda Smith who is set on undermining Ben’s mission and bending him to her will.

Ben’s report is meant to focus only on the acreage covered by the logging concession, but further afield illegal logging is taking place perpetrated by the same actors. He is just about ready to finalize his report and head back to the U.K when a tragedy occurs in his host village. He has no choice but to stay behind. In doing so he finds out that Linda’s claims about illegal logging are legitimate and the consequences devastating. Will Ben be brave enough to stand up to his employers?

This is a captivating thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat. The author masterfully builds tension in the plot that culminates in a satisfying resolution. The twists and turns are unexpected and the characters detailed enough to keep you invested. I rate this 5 out of 5. It is relevant to current affairs yet every bit as entertaining as a work of fiction with no anchor to reality.

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