Many women naturally learn or easily practice productive discussion skills that turn conflict into collaboration. It’s not a jab at men, just a clear observation that more women than men possess this skill. These days it’s difficult to praise one group without causing offence to another. We live in a polarized world. However, we can reverse this trend if we learn how.

Being that confrontational communication causes others to entrench deeper into their own beliefs, everyone needs to learn how to communicate better. We need to ask follow up questions and be more conciliatory with our responses in order to find solutions that work for both parties.

We can strive to create more justice and goodness amongst us, often there’s a feeling that goodness can only come from sacrifice yet often we don’t need to deprive one party in order to extend goodness, kindness or service to another. We just need to ask more follow up questions to understand the specific needs of each group and find a common avenue to meet them.

Through this book the author, Margaret E Anderson, teaches you how to communicate effectively while addressing touchy topics. This book will equip you with skills on how to start conversations and extend them into serious topics. She also makes a case for inclusion of women in positions of higher responsibility for the betterment of society.

The best time to improve your communication skills is now, not when a sensitive discussion is coming up. Your day to day interactions will be better for it.

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