A young man named Marius finds himself in trouble with the law. He tried to intervene in a scuffle between his mother and her boyfriend and now both of them are dead.

In a tragic turn of events, Marius’ mother died to protect her son and her boyfriend died at the hands of her son. Now Marius is on the run. He needs just one more day of freedom before he turns himself over to the police. He must see his mentor and long-time friend one last time.

Master Zhang always knew that this day would come. As Marius is making his way to the temple, Master Zhang already knows that their time to part ways has come. He will be handing over a precious ring to Marius, one that will transport him to a different time and place where his destiny awaits.

During the terrible reign of king Antiochus, two Jewish girls are left orphaned. Yasamin and Shireen have only got each other. They don’t have any relatives to take them in so they seek refuge in the city of Susa hoping to find safety within its walls. First, they survive as beggars, but soon they’re forced to steal to stay alive.

One day, while the merchants are hiding away from a desert storm, the girls attempt to steal some food. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching them. The girls make their way to their hiding spot with their stolen wares only to be caught and dragged away by this cruel stranger.

Now the girls await their sentencing, the punishment for theft is death. Shireen can’t help but feel responsible for all of this. She is the older of the two and should have known better. However, Yasamin is not worried. She is hopeful that everything will turn out for the best.

In a miraculous turn of events, the girls are spared, but unfortunately they are separated. Yasamin lands a position in a good household and Shireen becomes a stable hand. Yasamin will be living in Damascus and Shireen will remain in Susa. Shireen makes a solemn vow to reunite with her sister one day.

Back to the present day, Master Zhang hands over the ring to Marius. There is no time to waste, the police are on their way now. They say their goodbyes and Marius turns the stones in the ring as instructed by Master Zhang. Darkness ensues and a dark hand pushes him into the past.

Marius finds himself in the midst of a war, the Maccabean revolt is about to begin and he is about to be a key player. Marius was never a devoted Jew in his past life, but he would never fight against his own people. He is thinking of returning back to his own time when he bumps into Shireen. He is mesmerized by her, he would consider staying just to see her again, but that choice is no longer his to make when he realises that he’s lost his ring.

Days of Fire is an enchanting action thriller set in ancient Judea. It is set in the time before Jews celebrated Hanukkah. Marius is transported back to that time to witness the reason for this religious tradition. It is a fun packed adventure that also educates about history. It is a work of historical fiction that weaves together actual history and a fictional character travelling back in time to see it all.

Through the eyes of Marius, we gain a new perspective on how it must have been for the Jews back then. We see where their resolve to fight for their city and their way of life comes from. I highly recommend this book. It is beautifully written and well balanced. Action, adventure and romance blend seamlessly into each other. There’s a bit of everything for everyone.

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